Keep Crickets Out Of Your Garage With These Three Essential Tips

The sounds of crickets herald spring and warm weather in many places, but most people like to hear crickets from afar. They don't like them in their home or garage. In these situations, they are extremely loud and a bit scary and icky. Tired of crickets in your garage? Check out these tips on keeping them out:

1. Clean it up.

Crickets love clutter, and in particular, they love the clutter that tends to build up in most garages. This includes dog food and cardboard boxes, but it also includes the glue and paper that make up your kids' old art projects from school.

Clean your garage thoroughly to get rid of clutter. Move things off the floor and onto shelves, and if possible, cut off access to cardboard by storing your stuff in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Alternatively, move the boxes to your rafters where they are inaccessible to most crickets.

2. Make the area surrounding your garage inhospitable to bugs.

Crickets typically hang out in long grass or bushes. If you have foliage like this around your garage, the crickets will spend time there and eventually migrate into your garage. To prevent this, pull out the plants bordering your garage, and replace them with a rocky border.

To make it easy, weed whack the perimeter around your garage. This includes the side and back of the garage, and it usually doesn't include your driveway. Then, lay down some landscaping tape or weed barrier, and finally, cover it all with landscaping rocks.

3. Seal up entrances.

Once you've made the garage itself less inviting as well as the area around it, it's time to seal up entrances. Look for cracks in the floors or walls, and fill them with expanding foam. Also, check out the windows to your garage and make sure they fit securely.

Finally, check out your garage door. Does it firmly hit the ground? If not, you may need the springs readjusted so that the garage door hits the ground evenly. Are the seals intact? In most cases, garage doors have weather stripping around them, and if this stripping is damaged, crickets or other pests can easily slip through. Check the stripping and have it replaced as needed.

If you or your kids often forget to close the garage door, that can also allow crickets in. Consider installing an automatic shutting feature so that you never leave the door hanging open again.

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