Important Garage Door Repair Information For Homeowners

Does your garage door squeak or rattle when you try to open it? Does it stick, so that you're not always able to get your vehicle in or out of the garage when you want to? A garage door has many parts that can break down and cause it to cease working properly. Assuming you've replaced the batteries in your garage door remote recently, here are some other problems that you might be facing:

Worn out or broken springs: Some garage doors may only have one spring while others will have a pair of them. When these springs wear out or one of them snaps unexpectedly, your garage door opener will no longer function correctly. Unfortunately, this is a garage door repair that you shouldn't attempt to do yourself. Due to the high tensions involved and the size of the spring itself, a small slip could cause the spring to fly off in a random direction, potentially causing injury or even death. Garage door repair professionals will know how to minimize this risk to themselves and your properly, allowing them to replace your spring or springs in a much safer manner. 

Damaged or worn out sensor: Most new garage doors will have a sensor that will stop the door from fully closing if it senses anything in door's path. Sometimes this is simply a pressure sensor that will raise the door again if a blockage is encountered. On other doors, however, there is an electric eye that will keep the door from closing if anything breaks the invisible beam of light it uses. This can happen if the lenses get dirty or if a spider happens to build a web over the sensor. If this happens, cleaning the electric eyes should fix the problem. If the door still won't close fully after cleaning, a garage door repair professional can come out to check the alignment of the sensors and replace them if necessary. 

Dirty or rusty track: If the previous homeowner neglected to properly maintain the garage door, it's likely that they didn't even bother to regularly clean and lubricate the garage door chain track. This may be something you can do yourself, but you may want to hire a garage door repair professional to show you how to do it correctly. If the chain is extremely dirty or rusty, it may need to be completely replaced. Once replaced, you can keep it in good condition with regular maintenance. 

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