3 Ways To Keep The Garage Door Safe From Intruders, Critters And The Elements

The garage door is likely the largest door you have on your property. That is why it's so important to protect its integrity and ensure that it stays undamaged by small critters, home intruders and the elements. You might not know what you need to do in order to keep your door safe, but using the following suggestions is a good start.

Listen to the Door

The first thing you've got to do if you want to keep the door in good shape is to listen to it. If you are like a lot of drivers, every time you pull up to the garage door or leave your home, you might be talking to passengers, listening to your favorite music or thinking about errands you've got to run. You might never notice if your door was starting to rattle a little bit or make scraping sounds. It is a smart idea to take a short pause when you approach the garage door and listen to it open and close; that way, you can catch possible small problems before they turn into serious problems.

Inspect the Weatherstripping

Along the bottom edge of the garage door is a strip of rubber material that is called weatherstripping. This material prevents water from seeping into your garage, but it can also act as a barrier that stops small critters from getting inside. Every now and then, inspect the weatherstripping to ensure it isn't torn.

If the weatherstripping must be replaced, the old stripping can be slid out of the bottom of your door. You can purchase new material at a local hardware store and slide it into place after cutting it to make sure you've got the perfect fit.

Place Films on the Windows

The bright light that comes in through the garage door windows may be something you like, but possible intruders also enjoy those windows because they can peer inside and get some idea of what you're storing there. To discourage intruders, you can purchase window films.

Window films do not stop sunlight from entering the garage, but they can block vision from the outside. Some films have a mirror surface so that anyone looking in will just see their own reflection, while others have different designs that stop people from seeing into your garage. Some films are even shatter-resistant so that intruders have trouble when they attempt to knock out a window.

If you make use of the ideas laid out here, you can better protect the garage door from damage and infiltration. Ask a garage door repair company like Raynor Door Company for more ideas you can use to keep the door intact and unharmed.