Freshen Up Your Exterior: 2 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garage Door

There's nothing more fun than doing a makeover on your home to keep it looking nice and fresh. What better place to start than with the largest entrance to your home, the garage door? If your current garage door still works well but could use a little sprucing up, the following ideas may give you the inspiration to give your old door some new life:

Use a Bold Color

Most garage doors are your standard white or otherwise neutral shade. Why not freshen it up with a bold splash of color? You can easily paint your garage door yourself using regular exterior paint. The real work, however, is the time it will take to prep the door for paint. If you have a wooden door, check for any cracks or crevices that need to be sealed. Fill them in with wood putty and smooth them down with sandpaper. If there is any loose paint left on the door, sand that away as well. If your garage door is metal, check for any rusty areas and sand them down. You may also want to clean it up with a power washer.

Next comes the fun part—choosing a paint color. Traditionally, homes with garage doors choose a color that closely matches the house. Instead, step outside the box with a fun color that you love, such as a nice, deep teal or a bright red. Think about what you have in your landscaping that will accent your door. Choose a color that will complement any accents you have in the front of your home, such your outdoor furniture and hanging plants. Be adventurous and have fun with your color choice.

Add Some Extra Detail

A standard garage door is not much to look at architecturally. Consider adding some extra detail to liven the door up a bit. For instance, a carriage style door is very nice and creates great curb appeal. You do not need to go to the expense of purchasing a new carriage door—you can create the look yourself with just a few materials.

Gather your materials, which include paint to make the faux windows, primer, some painter's tape, and some decorative hardware. Tape the top row of panels, making squares to create your windows. After you have created your windows with the tape, fill the squares in with a dark primer. Allow it to dry completely, then paint over it with dark black glossy enamel paint. After the paint is dry, remove the tape and add your hardware. Choose your hardware, which are handles that will appear to pull the door open, and install it beneath the windows. You now have created a gorgeous carriage style door with a few inexpensive materials.

Taking the time to redesign your garage door does not have to be expensive. It will make a huge impact on your home. If your door has problems that need to be repaired before you start, contact a company like Garage Doors Of Naples Inc.