3 Reasons That Your Garage Door Remote May Stop Working

Your garage door remotes are likely the most important garage door accessories you own. These devices are appreciated when they work as intended. However, there are a number of opener-related issues that individuals may face. This can interfere with the convenience of readily accessing a garage when needed. The most frustrating things that can happen are misplacing a garage door remote and discovering that one is no longer working. Many households have a spare garage door remote, and that can make misplacing one less of a burden. However, it is important to know the potential causes of a garage door remote not working in the event that a second one is not available. The following points identify a few reasons why a garage door remote may not work.

Battery Issue

The battery is the first thing you should check. The batteries required by these devices usually last a long time. However, at some point, they will need to be replaced. They may stop working without any sign of getting weak. This abrupt stop of a working device can cause worry. Routine garage door maintenance is one way to ensure that you have an accurate idea of when to expect to have to change your remote batteries.

Locked Door Feature

Modern garage door systems have a lock feature. It is possible to activate the feature accidentally, or another household member may do it and forget to unlock it. If the garage door is locked, there should be a blinking light on the control panel signaling it is locked. Simply turn off the lock feature by pushing the designated button or switch.

Opener and Remote Communication Issue

This issue may require a professional fix. You can try to reset the garage door opener by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This could result in the remote(s) needing to get reprogrammed if additional steps are needed to reset the garage door opener. The remotes and the opener need to be able to send and receive signals to each other to ensure proper door operation. Sometimes this means resetting and reprogramming these features.

A garage door company is a good resource to use to determine the nature of doors that do not operate as intended or doors that do not respond to their remotes. These professionals can also discuss garage door opener upgrades and make new installations. Potential garage door opener upgrades include things like automation with smartphone remote access. If you ever lose a garage door remote or one gets damaged beyond repair, they can replace and program new garage door remotes. Contact a company like Raynor Door Company to learn more.