Top 4 Tips To Avoid Emergency Garage Door Repairs

When your garage door breaks down, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. Imagine rushing to get your car out of the garage in the morning, but the garage door won't open. By the time the door is repaired, you may be too late for work or an important meeting. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid the need for emergency garage door repairs. Check out some things below!

Look Out for Garage Door Damage Signs

In most cases, a garage door will send you signs that there is a problem before completely breaking down. Look out for signs such as odd sounds coming from the door, delayed response when opening or closing, sagging door sections, and worn-out parts. 

Don't ignore any damage sign, no matter how small it looks. The seemingly minor issue can grow into a more complicated problem that is expensive to fix. Therefore, seek professional garage door repair services as soon as you see anything odd with your door. 

Clean and Lubricate Components

Garage doors have many moving parts and components that need regular cleaning and lubrication. These include rollers, hinges, weather stripping, and tracks. 

Cleaning and lubricating these parts can prevent premature wear and keep the garage door in good working condition. It also reduces unnecessary noises from the door due to friction. You only need to ensure you're using the right lubricant for your garage door. 

Realign Photo-Eye Sensors

If your garage door cannot close all the way, the problem could be misaligned photo-eye sensors. These sensors prevent your garage door from closing when there is an obstruction on its path. However, when they are out of alignment, the safety feature may not work, or the garage door may not close completely. 

Realign the sensors into their original position with one direct line of sight. And if the sensors are in proper alignment but still not functioning well, ensure they are clean and nothing is blocking them. 

Seek Regular Maintenance Services

While inspecting your garage door can prevent some repair problems, some issues are harder to spot if you aren't a garage door technician. Hence, it's advisable to seek regular maintenance services with a professional, even if the garage door appears to be in good condition. It helps to spot hidden problems and repair them before they become too costly to fix. 

Besides, when you regularly maintain your garage door, you are keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your pets safe from accidents that may occur when the garage door malfunctions or breaks down. Look into garage door repair services near you.