How A Garage Door Repair Contractor Might Go About Replacing A Broken Window In Your Garage Door

If one of the windows is busted out of your garage door, you may have cardboard up to keep birds and bugs out, but that doesn't look very attractive. Depending on the type of garage door you have, replacing the glass could be an easy or complicated job. Consider hiring a garage door repair professional to replace the glass for you since some doors may require removing the entire panel to get the glass out. Here's an overview of how this type of garage door repair is done. 

Replacement Glass May Need To Be Ordered

Your garage door repair contractor may not have the exact glass needed to replace the broken piece. If that's the case they can order the glass and wait for it to arrive before making repairs. Window glass for garage doors comes in different sizes. Some are individual panes for each window while others are large panes with grilles on them that make the windows look like they're made of smaller panes put together. Your contractor needs the exact size and type of glass to get a good fit.

The Window May Not Need To Be Removed

It might be possible to replace the broken glass without having to take the entire frame out. If that's possible, the contractor can open the frame, pull out all of the broken glass, put in the new glass, and then close the frame. They'll probably have equipment that holds the window steady so one person can do the glass replacement.

The Frame Might Be Taken Out

Some vinyl garage doors may have window frames that can be taken out so the glass can be replaced with the frame flat on the table. This requires a tool that allows the contractor to hold the frame in place while working on the same side. The contractor has to be careful to remove all the broken glass and set it aside. Then the new glass can be installed and the frame returned to the door.

A Section Of The Door May Need To Come Out

The most involved method for replacing window glass in a garage door is when the entire section of the door has to come out. The garage door repair contractor may need to unhook the spring, which is why this type of repair can be dangerous. Then the door section has to be removed so it can be put on the table to remove the old glass pane. When all the old glass is removed, the new pane is popped in place and the back of the frame screwed back on. Then the panel is installed and the spring attached.

This is often the method of repair you could need with a metal garage door. Metal doors tend to have more difficult repair methods when it comes to window glass. However, it's worth it to have an attractive garage door again that is secure from bugs, birds, and rain with the new glass in place.

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