4 Garage Door Security Tips

You must carry out regular and scheduled maintenance to ensure your garage door works optimally. For instance, you should listen to and observe your garage door whenever you are opening it.  

Your garage door could malfunction if it's moving awkwardly or producing weird sounds. Also, you should inspect the rollers and replace them if cracked or chipped. Additionally, you should replace the weatherstripping if it's brittle or cracked. 

Apart from maintenance, you should pay attention to the security of your garage. Here are some garage door security tips that will help you.

Do Regular Repairs

Repair issues, such as faulty springs and pulleys, worn rollers, and obstructed photo eye sensors, can impact your garage door's functionality. A malfunctioning garage door can make it easy for thieves to break in. For example, the door may not close properly, compromising your security. Moreover, if your garage door's hardware is visibly damaged, it can signal to the thieves there's a chance of getting in and stealing.

Close the Door Always

If you regularly use your garage door to enter your house, you may forget to close it and only lock the interior door. This mistake will allow thieves to get in and force entry into your home.

The thieves will easily break into your interior door if they can pass through your garage. If you are fond of forgetting to close your garage door, you should talk to a garage door professional for advice. 

Update Garage Door Opener

Older garage door openers are outdated; hence, they can be hacked by experienced burglars. The criminals can use scanners to retrieve your access code. Modern openers are more secure as they have sophisticated technology that creates a new code whenever you open the door. This advantage makes it hard for burglars to break into your garage and access your home.

Install Smart Garage Door Opener

Installing a smart garage door opener will allow you to monitor your door remotely using your smartphone. You will get an alert if you forget to lock your garage door. Also, if an intruder tries to enter your unit, you will receive a notification immediately.

You can use the garage door opener in combination with smart cameras. These cameras will allow you to watch live feeds from your garage. So, if someone tries to break in, you can watch them remotely. You can also use the feature to allow in your guests while you are away. You can open the door for them once you have confirmed they are at the door.

If you don't know how to install and operate a residential garage door opener, you should contact a professional for help.