Signs Of Damaged Garage Door Springs

The garage door is meant to secure one of the vital entry points and storage areas in the home. Once a door is installed, it will require regular maintenance to operate efficiently over the years. Remember, the components are bound to get worn or damaged due to frequent use, so repairs will be required occasionally.

One of the vital components is garage door springs. The function of these components is to counteract the force of gravity and ensure the door is light enough for an opener or a person to lift or lower it. How can you tell it's time to get garage door springs repair service? Read on to learn more.

The Door Opens in a Crooked Manner

Most garage doors have two primary forms of springs, namely the torsion and extension springs. The former is usually found on a horizontal shaft that runs above the door. If your door has extension springs, they run on the sides, perpendicular to the other springs.

When one of these components breaks or malfunctions, that part of the door won't move, and that's how you'll see that it is crooked. In other cases, one part may rise faster than the other. Failing to fix this issue on time will cause the garage door to get stuck or put too much pressure on other components, causing more damage.

The Door Is Suddenly Heavier Than Usual

Homeowners who open their garage doors manually understand the importance of having functional springs. If they are functional, the door will be light, making it easier to open or shut it alone. However, when springs get damaged, the door will become heavier. The only way to make it light again is to get an expert to check if the springs are damaged and fix the issue.

You can't open the garage door after using an emergency release rope. Those who use automatic openers to operate the door already know when to use an emergency rope. You can pull the rope whenever the door fails to open automatically. If pulling it doesn't lift the door, you will know its springs are faulty.

You Heard a Loud Sound

Whenever a spring breaks, it releases a significant amount of energy, which causes a loud noise. Usually, this component unwinds in less than a second, making the coils spin on top of the shelf. So, when you hear a sudden bang, don't get frightened thinking someone is trying to get into the house. There's a high probability that you need garage door springs to be repaired or replaced.

To have your garage door inspected, contact a garage door repair service in your area.