How To Replace Garage Door Opener Sensors

If your garage door opener doesn't open or close properly, the culprit is usually the opener sensors. An infrared beam sends a signal to one sensor to open the door, and the other sensor receives the signal to close the door. Safety sensors are commonly located six inches from the garage door base.The safety sensors activate in case the beam gets damaged to prevent the door from accidentally closing. Here are some tips to replace garage door opener safety sensors.

3 Ways To Maintain Your Garage Door

When cleaning or performing routine maintenance on your home, there's one aspect that is often overlooked: your garage door. Your garage door supplies you with protection from the weather and would-be thieves; why not pay it forward by making sure that your garage door is in good working order? Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn about just a few ways you can ensure that your garage door is in good working order for years to come.

Options For Pet Proofing Your Home's Screen Doors

Screen doors are a lovely way to enjoy the outside weather and maintain the air quality of your home -- but they can be a difficult proposition for pet owners. Whether you have dogs or cats, you've probably experienced a shredded screen door sometime in the past. Luckily, there are many options available today for pet proofing your screen doors so both you and your pets can enjoy them. Install a Pet Door

Important Garage Door Repair Information For Homeowners

Does your garage door squeak or rattle when you try to open it? Does it stick, so that you're not always able to get your vehicle in or out of the garage when you want to? A garage door has many parts that can break down and cause it to cease working properly. Assuming you've replaced the batteries in your garage door remote recently, here are some other problems that you might be facing:

Six Good Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Garage Door

If you're looking to replace your garage door this season, you've likely noticed that there are a myriad of products from which to choose, everything from wood to steel to aluminum to vinyl. If you haven't considered a vinyl door, it's time to take a second look. This type of garage door is attractive, affordable and easy to maintain. Advantages of choosing a vinyl garage door 1. Pricing. A vinyl door is much less expensive than a comparable wood door and can be made to resemble the grain of natural wood if desired.