Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage Door

The time for spring cleaning has arrived. When you are making a checklist of all the things you want to take care of around the home, be sure to include cleaning your garage door. Over the cold winter months, garage doors can become very dirty due to the weather elements and exhaust. Cleaning your door can make the home look fresh and new just in time for spring. There are a variety of reasons why it is important to completely clean the garage door.

Is Your Garage Door Working Safely?

When your garage door and opener were installed, some safety features were put in to make sure that people and property would be safe should a failure occur. You can easily check that these features are still working properly. It's a good idea to inspect and test the following safety features periodically so you and your family remain safe. Garage Door Spring Safety Cable High tension springs are used to counterbalance the heavy garage door so you or a small electric motor can raise and lower it.

2 Different Ways You Can Open A Garage Door And Pros And Cons Of Each

Two ways a garage door can be opened is by using a chain drive or a belt. If you are confused about the differences of these, you will find the below information helpful. There are some pros and cons for each of them so this information will help you determine what type is best for you.  Chain Drive A chain drive garage door opener has been around for a long time.